Matt Harper delights us with a track, melodic and at the same time, with a remarkable sonic impact. A full-bodied vocal line enhances a decisive and voluminous rhythm section. All well blended with a good dose of synth and sampled sounds. An intense and dark overall sound that is embellished by a second female voice that reveals itself as a ray of sunshine in the clouds. We are talking about the new single entitled "Everyone". A short but intense journey, where the classic rhythmic surges are absent, but everything boils down to a straight line where some details prove to be important and decisive to create the right dynamic for this piece, which is pleasant to listen to right from the start. In this passage, Matt has an important message to leave to the listener << whatever is going on in your lives or in the world, it will be fine in the end. >> If you are a lover of the good classic Alternative rock, Matt Harper, without too many pretensions, will be able to satisfy your tastes. 7.0 / 10” - Sounds Good Webzine-Italy
Bringing a breath of hope and strength, we close our list of nominations for today with "Everyone" by Matt Harper. Positivist work presents an incredible lyricism. Check out!” - Eolor Media Brazil

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